Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Snacks & Beverages

Get one of the most advanced vending machine systems at your business!

Made For Today's Lifestyle

As we become more health conscious, we still want easy access to quality food. That’s why my wife and I decided to join the Naturals2Go vending family.

Our machines allow us to offer flexibility with a personal touch. We enjoy taking the time to get to know our clients and know what they want in their vending machines.

Our reliable machines allow us to offer your customers and employees healthy snack and drink options that make them feel better and more energized.


Benefits of Our Vending Solutions


Enjoy the freedom to stock your vending machine with a wide variety of products.


Our machines are equipped with a fast and dependable delivery system


Our eco-friendly machines come in an all-in-one compact design.


Easily transform your vending setup to exclusively offer drinks, snacks, or a combination.


Use a touch screen and an intuitive purchase process with the keypad.

Fresh Options

More than snacks and drinks, we can provide light meals.


Scale up effortlessly to accommodate more snacks and beverages as demand grows.


Guarantees customers receive their product or get their money back with iVend technology.

Break Time

Enjoy more time on break with meals, snacks and drinks on-site. No more leaving to get lunch, which equals higher employee satisfaction.

Bringing A Healthy Focus To Your Space

Introducing healthier snack options is a key step towards boosting the well-being of both your employees and customersthe heart of your business. Initiating wellness doesn't necessarily need to start with comprehensive programs. Simply offering nutritious snacks can significantly enhance energy and productivity.

Our advanced vending machines provide easy access to better snack choices for healthier alternatives to the typical fast food and convenience store snacks, which is likely everyone’s go-to.

Our turnkey vending services let you focus on your business while we ensure that your team and customers have continuous access to nutritious and satisfying snacks.

We’ll handle everything from the initial setup and ongoing maintenance to restocking the inventory.


Our Healthy Vending Machines

Note: Please allow a minimum 8 inches extra width (10” - 12” optimal) to allow room for doors to open out. This will provide room for the trays to come out and clear the weather stripping prolonging its integrity.

*Capacity subject to change based on product and configuration.



Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Comes with wheels for easy install
  • Small ambient snack machine next to an all-drink configuration
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • 77.25" H x 29" W x 36.5" D
  • Capacity 240*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Has wheels for easy installs
  • Ambient snack machine, great to pair with all drink configurations
  • Easy to configure trays and rows
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 35.375" W x 36.5" D
  • Capacity 238*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Can do all drink configurations
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 40.5" W x 34.75" D
  • Capacity 274*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Fresh or Microwavable Foods
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 46.5" W x 34.75" D
  • Capacity 345*
coffee machine

The Total 1

Coffee Machine

  • Coffee Machine
  • 3 Cup Sizes
  • 3 Brew Strengths
  • Iced Coffee Option
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable Brewer
  • Wide Selection
  • Touch screen technology
  • 50" H x 34.5" W x 29.5" D

Opera Touch

Hot Beverages

  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Customizable Recipes
  • Premium Coffee
  • Perfect Cup
  • Large Product Icons
  • High-Quality Beverages
  • Touch screen technology
  • 72.05" H x 23.62" W x 29.92" D

How can I get a healthy vending machine?

Contact Us

Let's schedule an initial consultation to learn more about what type of machine you would like.

On-Site Assessment

After your consultation, we'll schedule an on-site assessment to make sure you have everything you need.

Delivery & Installation

Our team will deliver and install the equipment and you can start using the machine immediately!


Work With Local Clermont Business Owners

We are a local business based in beautiful Clermont, FL serving Lake County and western Orange County.

To us, you’re not just a number! Plus, everyone likes their snacks and drinks, right?

We love being able to offer a larger variety of healthy snack and drink options with state-of-the-art machines to serve you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our vending machines come filled with a range of healthy choices that we’ve worked with you to pick. For example, we want to cater to a variety of dietary needs or health preferences within your business which varies between each of our clients.

Our advanced monitoring allows us to keep an eye on inventory levels and product freshness to make sure your vending machine is always stocked with fresh and delicious options for your team and clients. Especially your team that sees the options more frequently.

Our machines are not just vending machines; they are a step towards a healthier lifestyle for your employees and customers. With features like cashless payments, and a focus on nutritious products, we’re redefining the vending experience to align with wellness goals.

Absolutely! We recommend it. We believe in picking snacks and drinks we know will do well for your location. Together, we can select the ideal mix of snacks and drinks to satisfy and energize your team, ensuring the offerings resonate well with everyone at your location.

There is no cost. We take care of everything for you from installation to maintenance and restocking. We also provide customer support and ask for customer feedback to improve our services at your location.

All machines are owned and operated by Select Smart Vending.

Yes, we are a licensed vending machine operator and carry commercial liability insurance.