Snacks & Beverage

Vending Machines

Simplify snacking, meals, and popular drinks in the workplace.

The Energy Boost Your Business Needs

In any workplace, school, or facility, traditional snacks and beverages are essential for providing that necessary energy boost or a moment to unwind.

However, integrating these conveniences without additional headaches can be a challenge for business owners.

That's where we come in.

We collaborate with you to ensure your space benefits from enjoyable and convenient snack options, all without adding to your plate.


Benefits of Our Machines

vending machine

Variety of Options


iVend Prevents Misvends


Modern Payment Methods


Full-Service Vending Solutions

Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive vending services tailored to a wide array of clients and locations, including distribution centers, schools, hospitals, warehouses, auto dealerships and auto shops. Our range—from crunchy chips and savory pretzels to sweet confections and an assortment of drinks—guarantees there's something for everyone. And for those looking for variety, we also provide machines stocked with coffee, light meals, and healthier snack options.

The best part? 

Our vending machines come at no cost to you. Our team keeps the machine clean and stocked, as well as keeping the machine well mainted, making them a seamless addition to your business.

Our Indoor Machines

Note: Please allow a minimum 8 inches extra width (10” - 12” optimal) to allow room for doors to open out. This will provide room for the trays to come out and clear the weather stripping prolonging its integrity.


*Capacity subject to change based on product and configuration.



Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Comes with wheels for easy install
  • Small ambient snack machine next to an all-drink configuration
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • 77.25" H x 29" W x 36.5" D
  • Capacity 240*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Has wheels for easy installs
  • Ambient snack machine, great to pair with all drink configurations
  • Easy to configure trays and rows
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 35.375" W x 36.5" D
  • Capacity 238*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Can do all drink configurations
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 40.5" W x 34.75" D
  • Capacity 274*


Snacks and Beverages

  • Custom Menu Options
  • Fresh or Microwavable Foods
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring
  • Energy Efficient/Eco-Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • iVend Guarantee
  • 76.25" H x 46.5" W x 34.75" D
  • Capacity 345*
coffee machine

The Total 1

Coffee Machine

  • Coffee Machine
  • 3 Cup Sizes
  • 3 Brew Strengths
  • Iced Coffee Option
  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable Brewer
  • Wide Selection
  • Touch screen technology
  • 50" H x 34.5" W x 29.5" D

Opera Touch

Hot Beverages

  • Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea
  • Customizable Recipes
  • Premium Coffee
  • Perfect Cup
  • Large Product Icons
  • High-Quality Beverages
  • Touch screen technology
  • 72.05" H x 23.62" W x 29.92" D

Need An Outdoor Machine?


Vandal Resistant Merchandiser

Outdoor Snack & Beverage Machine

  • Snacks Holds 617 Units
  • Snacks/Beverages Holds 370 Units
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Durable Triple Pane Glass
  • Heavy Guage Steel
  • EnergySensit®
  • Available In Red Or Black
  • 72" H x 39" W x 35" D

How Do I Get A Vending Machine?

Contact Us

Let's talk about your vending machine preferences and the products you want to offer.

On-Site Assessment

We'll visit your location to ensure everything is set for the perfect vending setup.

Delivery & Installation

Our team takes care of the delivery and setup, so you can start offering these conveniences right away!

iVend Guarantee

Guaranteed Vend Sensor Technology

With our iVend Guarantee, everyone can enjoy complete peace of mind. Our machines are equipped with advanced sensor technology that ensures every selection is successfully dispensed.

If an item does not vend correctly, the machine automatically offers a refund or allows the user to make another selection, guaranteeing satisfaction with every transaction.

This commitment to reliability and customer happiness is just another reason our machines and vending services will benefit your business.


How It Works

  • Sensor Technology: Vending machines equipped with the iVend system include sensors that detect whether a product has been successfully dispensed.
  • Failed Transaction Detection: If the sensors don’t detect the product (indicating that the item didn’t drop as expected), the machine recognizes the unsuccessful transaction.
  • Immediate Resolution: If the machine fails to deliver the product, the machine will immediately offer the customer the option to select another item or give a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we complete our on-site assessment, we’ll schedule a time to set up the machine, and you can start using it immediately.

It depends on the machine you pick, but our machines are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It’s a part of their compact and modern design.

We monitor inventory remotely to make sure your machines are always fresh and full. We’ll remove expired or near-expired products to make sure your customers know they are not getting expired or lower-quality products.

Our machines use touchscreen technology, so they can accept mobile pay, credit cards, debit cards, and the usual cash/coins.

Our machines are mostly for indoor locations, but we can provide outdoor machines upon request.

We work with you to pick the inventory and make recommendations based on our success around West Orlando and similar locations to yours.

We’ll walk through the best way we can support you during your on-site assessment because it depends on the machine. You will be able to contact us, and we’ll arrange a time to come and repair the machine.

With us, no cost to you and no contracts! All we ask is a 30-day cancellation notice to make sure we have enough time to remove the machine. We’ll work with you to make this as convenient as possible.

All machines are owned and operated by Select Smart Vending.

Yes, we are a licensed vending machine operator and carry commercial liability insurance.